Ptolemy Ptolémée


2nd Century A.D. - IIe siècle après J.C.

Iconography of Ptolemy's Portrait
Iconographie du portrait de Ptolémée

 1533 Apianus

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Collaboration from Robert H. van Gent

Several Ptolemy portraits can found in this book:

BENNETT, J.A., & D.B. Meli, Sphaera Mundi - Astronomy Books 1478-1600, Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge, 1994.

Page 85 has the title page from the Folium Populi (Ingolstadt, 1533) of Petrus Apianus with Ptolemy on the left holding up a diagram of his planetary model and Apianus on the left with a quadrant.



 VAN GENT Robert H., Utrecht.


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Ptolemy Ptolémée


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