Ptolemy Ptolémée


2nd Century A.D. - IIe siècle après J.C.

Iconography of Ptolemy's Portrait
Iconographie du portrait de Ptolémée

1509-1510 Raphaël

Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio 1483-1520), Detail of Ptolemy and Strabo in the School of Athens (Scuola di Atene), 1509-1510, Vaticano, Stanza della Segnatura.

Raphaël (Raffaello Sanzio 1483-1520), Détail de Ptolémée et Strabon dans l'École d'Athènes (Scuola di Atene), 1509-1510, Vaticano, Stanza della Segnatura.

Euclid Group

(p. 13, 52-53, 100)

23. "Euclid describes the process of grasping a concept by breaking it down into stages and assigning one stage to each disciple (p. 13)." Presumably identified by Vasari (16th c.) as "architect Donato Bramante (p. 22)". Giovanni Pietro Bellori (1695) formerly identified this person as "Archimedes, intent upon his demonstrations: in his persons is protrayed Bramante the architect (p. 52)." "The faculty of sight is embodied in a geometric proof offered by Euclid, whose balding head actually belonged in life to Raphael's mentor Donato Bramante (p. 156)."

24. "Anticipating the outcome (p. 13)". Presumably identified by Vasari (16th c.) as "Federico, second duke of Mantua, who was in Rome when the painting was executed", who is more probably depicted in n° 36 (p. 22, 53)".

25. "Excitement of dawning comprehension (p. 13)".

26. "Literal learning (p. 13)".

27. "Apprentice pedagogue, the Teaching Assistant (p. 13)".


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Pierre Perroud, Athena Raphaël, The School of Athens, Université de Genève.


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Ptolemy Ptolémée


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