Ptolemy Ptolémée


2nd Century A.D. - IIe siècle après J.C.

Iconography of Ptolemy's Portrait
Iconographie du portrait de Ptolémée

1474-1477 Van Gent (Venezia)

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Joos van Gent (Justus de Gand), Ptolemy, with an armillary in hand, accompanied by Boethius, 1474-77, medium unknown, dimensions unknown, Venezia, Gallerie dell'Accademia, from the Studiolo in the Ducal Palace of Urbino.

Joos van Gent (Justus de Gand), Ptolémée, avec une sphère armillaire dans sa main, accompagné par Boethius, 1474-1477, medium inconnu, dimensions inconnues, Venezia, Gallerie dell'Accademia, du Studiolo du Palais Ducal Palace d'Urbino.

"Like other from Bramante and now in Brera" (Giancarlo Truffa)

« Ressemble à une autre de Bramante maintenant à Brera (Giancarlo Truffa). »

Collaboration from Robert H. van Gent

The Joos van Gent image of Ptolemy in the Ducal Palace in Urbino is lovely, I could not see it in so much detail when I visited the Studiolo a few years ago. On this image, Ptolemy is holding an armillary sphere. As you will have observed, this is one of the three (or four) standard instruments that Ptolemy usually has in his hands; the others being an astrolabe, a quadrant or a cross staff.



TRUFFA Giancarlo, Milan.
VAN GENT Robert H., Utrecht.



Lavalleye, J., Juste de Gand, Louvain 1936. (Giancarlo Truffa)
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Ptolemy Ptolémée


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