Ptolemy Ptolémée


2nd Century A.D. - IIe siècle après J.C.

Iconography of Ptolemy's Portrait
Iconographie du portrait de Ptolémée

14th century Thomasin von Zerclaere

XIVe siècle Thomasin von Zerclaere

Anonymous 14th century, Ptholomeus and Astronomia, illumination, ? x ? cm, in Thomasin von Zerclaere, Der Welsche Gast, collection unknown.

Inscription: to be deciphered.

(Digitized image from Giancarlo Truffa)

Anonyme XIVe siècle, Ptholomeus et Astronomia, enluminure, ? x ? cm, dans Thomasin von Zerclaere, Der Welsche Gast, collection inconnue.

(Image numérisée de Giancarlo Truffa)

"Illustration with the representation of the Seven Liberal Arts from a manuscript containing Thomasin von Zerclaeres's "Der Welsche Gast". It is dated from the XIV cen. but I don't found the location of the manuscript." (Giancarlo Truffa)



Giancarlo Truffa, Milan.


Cambridge University Library
Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag, "Der Welsche Gast", Faksimile im Reichert Verlag, Wiesbaden.
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Ptolemy Ptolémée


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