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Les sources iconographiques
des portraits fictifs du père jésuite Jacques Marquette

1903-1904 John Norval Marchand pour Singer Manufacturing Co.

J.N. Marchand pour Singer Manufacturing Company, Discovery of the Mississippi by Marquette A.D. 1673,
« Copyright 1903 by The Singer Manf'g Co », chromolithographie. Source. Photo : nypl.org.

These images are from our so-called "Portrait File" which was a collection compiled in the early 20th century of images of important historical figures, organized alphabetically by sitter. The images were cut from newspapers, magazines, books, pamphlets, and the like, and as such, we rarely have extensive information on the source of the images. However, I think in this case, I can answer your questions.

The color image (a chromolithograph) to which you refer measures (image and paper): 20.5 x 25.5 cm. The title, at center bottom, reads: "Discovery of the Mississippi by Marquette, A.D. 1673." The lettering you have asked me to clarify, at the bottom left corner, reads: Copyright 1903 by The Singer Manf'g Co. The artist's signature is in the lower right corner of the image, in red block letters: J. N. Marchand.

David G. Christie, Print Collection, The New York Public Library.

John Norval Marchand (1875-1921).

Feuille du calendrier de 1904 de la Singer Manufacturing Company, comprenant les mois de juillet, août et septembre.

The Great West in the 17th century its discovery by the French.


Discovery of the Mississippi by Marquette, A.D. 1673.

Compliments of The Singer Manufacturing Company.

Pièce reliée qui fait partie de Illustrated books, albums and scrapbooks (R11555-0-4-E), Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, 2895945 et 2837446.


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